Personal Beauty Studio

Total rebranding for beauty studio. Full brand redesign, name rework, marketing content creation and website design and develpement


The initial proces of the design started with website… Yeah. Really. But let’s get back few weeks earlier. Starting point with this client was at building out simple Facebook campaigns and while briefing we knew that new, strong competitor showed up in client’s city. As we had a bit of experience of what our client is struggling with we decided that whole brand needs refreshed, new look.


What you see below is a result of about 72 hours session results. From the initial idea, through really quick users tests right into mockups.

The squad

Kuba Juncewicz


The problem of the established brand that doesn’t have a clear value to offer beside quality is that it needs to stand out and present itself better than the competition. This is our WHY.


Personal Beauty Exper was also trying to build out some division within the brand but because of how it was structured visually it didn’t work really well.


We decided to use Personal as a main part of the name and use xyz expert as extension. Therefore we could create a simple word mark with extensions like Beauty Expert – the basic one, Slim Expert, Skin Expert, SPA Expert – this setup gives us endless ability for new sub brands creations.